De Profundus
Robynn Stewart

De Profundus

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From the depths of the turbulent ocean floor to the calm sunlit surface, we look to the future with hope

Oil with gold leaf on canvas by Robynn Stewart

Size: 20 x 20 wrapped canvas

About Robynn Stewart
As a child I recall drawing and coloring everything in sight (walls, floors, etc)! Throughout high school I drew constantly, secretly doing portraits of my teachers during classes. They must have been flattered since I didn't flunk out! Then I switched gears to music and, after a long career as a professional singer, upon retirement 6 years ago I started painting again, concerned that the ability might have disappeared. Instead, the floodgates opened and everything came pouring out, even better than before - who knew! I had come "Full Circle"! Each painting is a new experience. What has emerged, so far, are 5 groups: 1) "Feathers and Fur", 2) "People Portraits", 3) "The Galactic Collection", 4) "The Mayan/Aztec Collection", and 5) "Mystical Works". Many are available as note cards or prints, various sizes. Please contact me for details. Style? I think I will call it "Intuitive Realism". Method? It seems that I just "watch my hand" and the magic begins! Thank you for supporting the Arts! Robynn

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