On-line Submission Members Salons

Part of your membership benefit is exhibiting in the W Gallery Member Salon.

The W Gallery invites member artists to submit for monthly exhibits. Each exhibit will be up for four weeks, generally corresponding to the calendar. We have a monthly reception for exhibitors, usually tied to a music performance which brings out a great audience to see the exhibit.

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Art Exhibit Requirements

  • Gallery sitting requirement during the time your work is showing. Please go to Sign Ups Genius and register for your account. Enter two time slots DURING THE MONTH PERIOD of the salon you are exhibiting in..

  • We will accept from one to five pieces from each artist. Artists can apply to participate in the salon as often as they want; however, first-time participants will be given priority if space is limited. 

  • Submissions should be new work, created within the past 2 years. Artwork should not have been exhibited in the W Gallery in the past 12 months.

  • Submissions are made online. Please have your artwork, title, size, media ready.

    • If you have a Gmail account - you may upload the images when filling up the submission form.

      • Use the following convention for each images:

        • JPG only,

        • 1 MB size max

        • named as follows: “YEAR_Month_Lastname_Size(HxW)_Title” (e.g. 2021_January_Smith_12x14_myprettypainting.jpg)

    • If you do not have a Gmail account - please email your images to exhibits@artswayland.com as follows:

      •    - Email Subject: [exhibit month] exhibit photos (e.g January exhibit photos) 

      • For emailing images, attach your images using the following convention:

        • JPG only

        • 1 MB size max

        • named as follows: “YEAR_Month_Lastname_Size(HxW)_Title” (e.g. 2021_January_Smith_12x14_myprettypainting.jpg).

  • All of the work should be framed or professionally displayed, and be ready for hanging with D-clips and wire.

  • Labels must be on the back of each artwork: (name of piece, artist’s name, medium, dimensions, price.) Work will not be accepted during drop off without labels.

Sales of artwork

Sales will be handled by the W Gallery, The artist will receive 80% commission after any credit card fees are deducted. Payment will be in about 30 days of sale.

All exhibited artwork must be for sale.

Publicity for your exhibit

  • A general announcement about the ongoing Members Salon will be sent out to the Arts Wayland mailing list; however, publicity about the artists who are exhibiting during each period will be the responsibility of the artists.  

  • We will share a flyer for the exhibit with you. Please share it and print copies for local bulletin boards.

Exhibit Reception

Please volunteer to help with the reception for your exhibit. Activities include set up, refreshments, and clean up.

Artwork Drop off and Pick up Rules

  • Shows are taken down on a Saturday and are usually hung on the Monday following the Saturday drop-off.

  • If you cannot meet the schedule, then please have a friend help you.

  • A fee of $5 a day will be due for late pickups of artwork.

  • We cannot store art in the gallery for late pickups. Your artwork may be at risk of damage if it is not picked up on time.

Thank you,

Judith Stein & Jean-Pierre Ducondi

Exhibit Committee Co-chairs

We hope to hear from many of you soon!