Sales and Exhibiting Terms & Conditions

Submission and delivery of art

Arts Wayland welcomes artist participation in the exhibit. Please carefully read the following Terms & Conditions. Your participation requires agreement with the following:

Art may be refused if it does not meet the quality criteria of the exhibit. All of the work should be framed or professionally displayed, and be ready for hanging with D-clips and wire. 3-D artwork can be hung depending on size and weight. We have pedestals to display 3-D artwork if needed. Frames, both front and back, should be professional in appearance. If tape is used it should be very neat and professional looking. Duct tape should not be used.  If multiple works are exhibited there should be an effort to have frames as consistent looking as possible in the submissions. Failing to meet these requirements may result in rejection of works after drop off requiring the artist to pick up before the show is hung.

Submissions will be curated to ensure the best quality for the exhibition. We will accept at least one work from each member artist. Up to four additional works may be accepted based on quality and space allowed so please submit your best work!  Member artists can apply to participate in the salon as often as they want; however, first-time participants will be given priority if space is limited. 

Art will be accepted and offered for display or sale for a specified display/sales period. All art must have the required identification label on the back with artist name, title, size, medium, contact info.

The artist will establish the sales price at the time of submission and will not change the price without first notifying Arts Wayland.

The artist agrees to remove unsold art from the exhibit space during the show pick up period. The artist agrees it is their responsibility to do this or arrange for someone to do so. No art can be left in the exhibit space for later pickup. 


Artists agree to have their own insurance in case of any damage. Artists agree that Arts Wayland is not responsible for any damage that could occur during the time of the exhibit.

Arts Wayland does not guarantee any sales of work either online or in the gallery.

Art Sales

When art is sold, the artist will receive 75% of sales price including sales processing fees (e.g. PayPal, Shopify) within 30 days of art delivery to, and acceptance by, the purchaser. Artist must notify Arts Wayland of this delivery to start the payment process. The artist will be paid by check.

Artwork in the gallery is also placed on the website for sale. When an item is sold it will be marked as sold when entered into the system by the volunteer staffing the exhibit.

Art Delivery to Buyer

Artists agree that buyers may take the art purchased in the gallery or online, during gallery open hours.

For art purchased online, the artist may take the art from the gallery, during gallery open hours, and deliver it to the buyer.

The artist agrees that they will handle all interactions and transactions with the buyer with the utmost professionalism. Any questions or disputes with a buyer must be shared with Arts Wayland immediately.

The artist agrees that any risk involved in the sales process (potential fraud) will be theirs and not Arts Wayland.

The artist is responsible for art delivery and any delivery costs and must notify Arts Wayland immediately of the delivery time and method. If the art arrives damaged or in unacceptable condition and the buyer refuses to accept it the artist must cover the cost of return of the art to themselves and the buyer will be refunded the purchase price within 3 weeks of them returning the art.

The buyer will have 7 days after receiving the art to notify Arts Wayland and the artist of their intention to not accept the art.

Artwork Content

Arts Wayland and online website promotes art in the community. Since the community includes families and children artwork must be appropriate for all audiences. Members agree to the terms of Arts Wayland’s by-laws prohibiting the organization from engaging in any political activity. Arts Wayland reserves the right to reject any artwork that does not fit with its mission and values.

The artist accepts these terms by completing the membership application, and or by submitting to exhibits.

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