Who runs Arts Wayland?

Arts Wayland is run by the Arts Wayland Foundation, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Using mostly volunteers who chair committees, Arts Wayland has exhibits, programs and events. The Board of Directors of the Foundation meet monthly. 

Do you have paid staff?

We have two paid contractor, the Program Manager and Graphic Designer. All other work is done by volunteers.

Is it just for Wayland residents?

No, our membership and activities are open to all. There is no geographic restriction. However, artwork for exhibits must be hand delivered at this time.

Are the exhibits just for members?

Not all. Currently, most monthly exhibits are of member work. We now have two juried shows per year open to all applicants. We are planning to have special exhibits curated by invited groups.

Can I join online? What is the membership fee?

Yes, we have an online process. Two levels: $50 or $100 per year. You may also send a check with a note including your name, address, phone, and email to our P. O. Box 272 Wayland, Mass 01778

What are the requirements for members?

Please see our Art Exhibit requirements here.

Is any type of artwork allowed?

We are interested in showing a broad range of artwork. We are somewhat limited by size, for example, of sculptures. Because of our by-laws we ask that content be non political and family friendly. By art we include dance, writing, music, art history, theatre, crafts and two and three dimensional artwork.

Can I rent your space for a private event?

Not at this time. We are able to consider requests by other non profits and art focused groups.

Can I teach a program?

Please submit your proposal for your art related program on our website.

Can I hold an event?

Please submit your proposal for your art related event on our website.

I'm a musician. Can I perform?

Jazz Sundays are organized by Berklee Music College professor Neil Olmstead. Reach out to our program manager by emailing: thew@artswayland.com to get in touch.

How can I learn about events at Arts Wayland?

Please subscribe to our newsletter.

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