Member Art Sales and Exhibiting Terms and Conditions

Art Sales

The artist will receive 80% of the sale price minus the online fee. Arts Wayland will receive a fee of 20% of the sale price.

This applies to any sales that are the result of an Arts Wayland online exhibit, auction, or in person sales in the W Gallery.

The artist is responsible for art delivery and any delivery costs and must notify Arts Wayland immediately of the delivery time and method. If the art arrives damaged or in unacceptable condition and the buyer refuses to accept it the artist must cover the cost of return of the art to themselves and the buyer will be refunded the purchase price within 3 weeks of them returning the art.

The buyer will have 7 days after receiving the art to notify Arts Wayland and the artist of their intention to not accept the art.

The art purchaser will pay Massachusetts sales tax of 6.25% at the time of purchase. 

The artist agrees that they will handle all interactions and transactions with the buyer with the utmost professionalism. Any questions or disputes with a buyer must be shared with Arts Wayland immediately.

The artist will be paid by check from Arts Wayland’s bank. Payment will be initiated within 30 days of notification that the art has been delivered and accepted by the buyer.

The artist accepts these terms by completing the membership application.

In the W Gallery exhibits

The artist agrees to have insurance for their artwork. By joining, the artist agrees that Arts Wayland is not responsible for any damage that might occur during exhibits in the gallery. Arts Wayland does not guarantee any sales of work either online or in the gallery.

Artwork Content

The W Gallery and online website of Arts Wayland promotes art in the community. Since the community includes families and children artwork must be appropriate for all audiences. Members agree to the terms of Arts Wayland’s by-laws prohibiting the organization from engaging in any political activity. Arts Wayland reserves the right to reject any artwork that does not fit with its mission and values.