Green Man
Robynn Stewart

Green Man

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This carved stone mask from the Mayan civilization is brought to life with a little glimmer of light in the eye area, giving it a mystical effect.

Oil on canvas by Robynn Stewart

Size: 14x14 (sold with frame)

About Robynn Stewart

My painting career resumed about 7 years ago, after a long career as a singer. The floodgates suddenly opened and so many ideas presented themselves it was a challenge to single out one particular subject or niche! From all that came an eclectic collection: “Feathers and Fur” (animal portraits), “People portraits”, “Planets and Stars” (inspired by the Hubble and Webb telescopes), “Earthly landscapes”, and the “Mayan Collection” (artifacts and ceremonial masks discovered in the Yucatan).

I love working with oils and intense colors, with focus on the eyes of the subjects, giving them a personality and a connection with the viewer. I guess my style could be called “Intuitive Realism”. This work has brought me a sense of peace and it is my hope that the viewers will experience the same.

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