The Bend
Linda DeStefano Brown

The Bend

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Infrared image, taken with a Nikon camera that was converted to Infrared, printed on archival textured paper under UV-protected non-glare acrylic within a thin metal frame.

Infrared Photography by Linda DeStefano Brown

Size: 15x18

About Linda DeStefano Brown
This body of work includes digital Infrared images. Infrared cameras see light waves that are beyond the light waves our eyes see. We normally see visible light that ranges from 400 to 700 nanometers in wavelength. Infrared light is from 700-1,000 nanometers. It results in very different black and white imagery once processed. For example, green appears white while blue appears dark. It also has a nice glow and incorporates some film grain. Thus the images have an otherworldly feel.

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