Carole Allen

Three Carved Stretch Bowls

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Three medium sized stretch bowls with carving on food-safe insides, and various exterior techniques. Can be purchased separately for $55 each.

Brown and White Stoneware by Carole Allen

Size: 5x20x7

About Carole Allen
Carole Allen I am graphic designer, surface designer, and ceramic artist. Early in my career while working as a freelance designer, I worked with Polaroid film, exhibiting SX-70 and 8x10 and even was part of an artist-in-resident week at Polaroid, using their 20-24 cameras and film. I had several exhibits at Polaroid and other venues and was a founding member of the original co-op Gallery Naga in Boston. After a long career as a freelance designer and art director in educational publishing, I am now involved in combining my two biggest passions—graphics and crafts. I enriched my development in ceramic art by working with the late Makoto Yabe at the DeCordova Museum School, and Lisa Dolliver of Earth Changes Pottery in Maynard Massachusetts. I have also attended workshops with other established ceramic artists like Deborah Schwartzkopf, and London artist Carolyn Genders at LaMeridiana in Tuscany. Along the way I developed a new focus on surface design and taken it to further work in ceramics and textiles. ?I work out of my live-work space at The Lofts at Westinghouse in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston, as well as the Motherbrook Arts Center in Dedham.

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