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Arts Wayland invites people to propose classes and workshops to be held through Arts Wayland. Arts Wayland Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The following are the details of our program requirements.

Liability Insurance

You will be covered by our personal injury liability insurance but not for any loss of private/public materials or equipment you bring in.  You must have your own insurance for your valuables.

Promotion and Marketing

If your proposal is accepted, Arts Wayland will send news of your program out to our mailing list, post on our website and on our social media.  We need you to do additional PR and Marketing including: reach out to your network to promote your event, send to local online and print news outlets, create any flyers or print materials. Sometimes we are able to create flyers and will notify you. We recommend that you submit the event to a list of promotional websites we will provide.

You may have examples of your work, show cards, and business cards to show on hand during the program. Please refer to your program as an ‘Arts Wayland’ sponsored activity taking place through Arts Wayland.

Please send some pictures to be used for PR. Jpeg format is good. Email to - Subject: Program photos. Also, please try to take some good photos during your event for follow up PR.

Enrolling participants

We will create an online sign up for your activity and share enrollment info with you. Your contact info will be included. If you do not reach the minimum by one week before, or if the weather is a problem you may choose to cancel or reschedule. We ask that you manage all contacts to inform people and answer questions.

Cancellation Policy

If weather is a concern, we will discuss cancelling the event and try to give participants notice 24 hours in advance of the program. In the event of a cancellation you should give notice through your email and contact list.

The cancellation policy is a full refund to attendees if we cancel. If the attendee cancels they would get a full refund if cancelled 10 days before the program. There would be a 20% cancellation fee if cancelled less than 10 days to the program start date. 

Attendees will be asked to send an email to if they wish to cancel and we will inform you.

Roster of participants

We will prepare a roster from sign ups. We also can take payments by check and will include that as an option. We would like you to handle inquiries, including directions to the space, and information about any supplies. You should give us a list of names, with emails, of any who sign up through your contact list.

Using the space

Because AW is mostly all-volunteer, your help in all aspects of the program is appreciated. You should arrive at least 45 minutes early to set up the workspace. We ask that you put it back in the order you found it. Palettes and brushes should be wiped down and taken home for cleaning. 


Arts Wayland will pay you 75% of the net fee receipts. That is calculated from the total student fees and includes any online processing fee.

If you will have materials cost, please ask students to pay you directly as a separate fee. If this is not possible, we can discuss and make a workable plan.

We will send you a check within 30 days of the end of your program.


The next step is to complete the Program Proposal.

Thank you for considering Arts Wayland for your program!

Email: — Phone: 774-421-9211

Mailing Address: Arts Wayland, P.O. Box 272, Wayland, MA 01778

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change. If there are any changes you will be notified as soon as possible


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