Art Classes Testimonials

I signed up for Mei-Ling Ellerman's 8-week "Learning to Draw for Life Level I" class on Zoom through The W Gallery. As a complete beginner, I was amazed at how much I learned and accomplished in just a few classes. Mei-Ling is a truly gifted teacher who taught us how to truly see our subjects in terms of light and dark and transfer those values onto paper. Mei-Ling continually shared her expertise on types of drawing paper, pencils, tools, and styles. She expertly guided us though short exercises and longer projects each week. I loved the class so much that I immediately took her next 8-week class (Level II) on Zoom focusing on figure drawing and portraiture. Again, I learned so much and look forward to taking more of her classes. - Sarah

I've always been curious about weaving and taking Dahlia's class was a great way to try something new. Dahlia gave us plenty of options to be creative with our designs, and she also gave us enough structure that everyone left the class with a beautiful finished product. I was really impressed at the variety and quality of everyone's weavings, which speaks to Dahlia's teaching skills! - Renee Coetsee

Amy Marks’ tapestry workshop was a terrific experience. I learned, not only to how to incorporate fabric, beads, and other fun elements taken from old jewelry into a mosaic piece but also about which adherents might be used and how to use them. Amy’s studio is filled with wonderful material. She skillfully offers suggestions to learners, guiding them in the selection of objects and color to enhance each learner’s individual style and statement. - Mary Beth Barker

My expectations (as a beginner) for Rahul Ray's class were simple. I wanted to learn basic watercolor techniques and practice what I was learning with the guidance of a teacher. I also wanted to learn how to really see the subjects and to try to develop my own style. I am getting this out of the class and am enjoying the process. - Sarah Chambers

I very much enjoyed taking Rahul Ray's class and looked forward to each Monday. I liked listening to your stories about your many interests (you must have more hours in the day than the rest of us). I feel I learned a lot about both mediums, specifically the importance of shading and giving the work perspective and dimension. Not having taken an art class before, I expected more formal instruction, i.e standing in front of the class demonstrating technique, etc. However, after reflecting on the class I appreciated the informal approach and individual instruction and constructive feedback. I think it might be helpful if we could see you start the same painting to see how you approach it. I would have loved to see you paint, as I am impressed with your beautiful products. The class has inspired me to continue painting. I’ve already started a new piece. I hope to see you again. Debbie

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