Osprey Fledgling
Connor S. Thompson

Osprey Fledgling

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A recently fledged Osprey spreads its wings.

Photo by Connor S. Thompson

Size: 12x16

About Connor S. Thompson
Connor Thompson is a young adult on the autism spectrum exploring the world of photography. He grew up in Framingham, MA and currently resides in South Hadley, MA. He attends a music and arts focused day program where he studies music, photography, vocational and independent living skills. He sings, plays keyboards and ukulele and participates in a local theater class. In addition to photography, Connor loves books, movies, music, fitness, and travel. His mission is to showcase the abilities of those with autism. “I love being outdoors and taking photos of birds and bees, flowers and trees. Nature photography makes me feel relaxed and entertained. It is exciting when the photos you’re taking come out perfectly.” Connor was recently named a Flutie Fellow by The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. His dreams for the future include advancing his photography skills professionally and selling his work, while also continuing to augment his musical and performing arts chops and community independence skills.

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