Horseshoe Crab
Walter Perlman

Horseshoe Crab

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The image is first drawn out and planned out on paper. Then images are cut out and arranged to see what it looks like before it is made. Next the animal is made out of self hardening clay. It needs to dry for 2 weeks. Then it is painted with metallic paint and varnished. It is mounted onto a wooden board and ready for hanging.

Sculpture mounted on wooden board by Walter Perlman

Size: 14x11

About Walter Perlman
I have multiple backgrounds in art. I have taken classes in sculpture, pottery, drawing, photography, glass blowing, and stained glass. I utilize all my skills to make all my designs. I start out with an idea and draw it out. Then I work out a concept and make it within the medium that I am utilizing. I have recently taken up acrylic painting on stretched canvas. I like to work on abstract art designs. I enjoy taking common and uncommon items and making them look unique and unforgettable.

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