Emerge and Embrace
Michael Murphy

Emerge and Embrace

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An exploration of expression, movement, and color nuance

acrylic on canvas by Michael Murphy

Size: 30 X 24

About Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy has had multiple chances to expand his universe in his 68 years and continues on his 50-year-old artistic journey to this point in his life.

He grew up in Texas and after high school, he attended art school at Texas Tech University, studying painting, drawing, and printmaking. Life took him in a different direction after his graduation, however, and Michael pursued a career in education, believing he was being pointed toward a world of teaching and working with students. After a successful career as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, director, assistant superintendent and superintendent, Michael turned to working with schools across North and South America as a national leadership coach, trainer, planning facilitator, and consultant.

Michael still consults with school districts and school leaders to this day; but he never lost his love of design and art in architecture, nature, and abstraction. So, after a move to Natick and with the support of his family, he was able to rearrange his life and expanded his personal world to involve the production of paintings, drawings, and prints to showcase his emotions and thinking. His exploration takes him to expressive abstraction as he studies design, form, shape, mood, motion, and color.

Michael welcomes your contact and can be reached by mmurphy170@gmail.com or 972-998-8284.

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