Judi Pinkham


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The day was overcast with fog hanging way off in the distance but the shore was a spectacular feast for the senses. In this painting, I wanted to capture the excitement I felt watching the breakers roaring in and the eerie light which caused violet reflections as the water pushed through the inlet.

Acrylic on Gallery Canvas by Judi Pinkham

Size: 16x16

From Judi Pinkham
I can think of no better metaphor for change and transition than the sea. The ocean is literally in constant flux with gentle swells to turbulent crashing waves while daily tides cover and uncover the shore. The sea also symbolizes the unpredictable and transformative aspects of my own life. The subtle and bold colors, variety of brushstrokes, and light in my paintings evoke both the dynamic motion of the sea and personal emotion. The shore reminds me to unplug and tune in to the rhythm of the waves and if I’m lucky, an inner transformation occurs from a sense of uncertainty to belonging and well being.

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