One March Evening
Jodi Marshall

One March Evening

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One March Evening This piece represents how the imagination can transform something usual into something mysterious. Star gazing can be informative as well as a wonderous basis for storytelling. Again, the materials that used are the physical representation of transformation. Old cedar from a garden box, rotten through time by water and soil, becomes the mysterious and wonderous night sky. An old Victorian window shutter, burnt in a house fire, finds new function as a frame from which the “night sky” is viewed.

Acrylic Paint on Reclaimed Cedar by Jodi Marshall

Size: 20x9

About Jodi Marshall

Jodi graduated from Murray State University with a BFA in graphic design and sculpture as well as a BA in Art Education.  She went on to study Art Therapy and graduated from University of Louisville with her MA.  After several years of practicing art therapy and raising her two children, Jodi returned to her roots of studio art.  

Her sometimes whimsical and often nature inspired designs will attract your interest, but it’s really the wood itself that is the centerpiece of each work.  Most of Jodi’s work is done on reclaimed pieces of wood that display interesting textures that hint at the use and history of each board.

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