Bastion D at Fort Warren
Susan Erickson

Bastion D at Fort Warren

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This space has seen many changes over 150 years. From a hospital in the Civil War for captured Confederate soldiers to a library, post exchange and to now a place for visitors to arrive by boat, it keeps being transformed.

Aluminum photo by Susan Erickson

Size: 16x16

From Susan Erickson
In Bastion D - Fort Warren, the photo shows the change from being a hospital for captured Confederate soldiers, to a library, a post exchange, and to now, a place that sits fairly empty except when a boat load of visitors arrive to explore. The decaying paint, the changing light during the day and the changes it has seen all relate to this this show's theme. In Bench on the Impoundment, this is one of a set that I am creating to document the passing of seasons. In this photo, the bench itself shows change over time as lichen inhabits it. The week after the clock changed in November now has resulted in different sun angle, the plant life is becoming dormant and the colors have gone from the green of summer to the oranges and yellows of early fall to what I call the "past tense" colors of later fall.

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