There Are No Wasted Journeys
Kimberly Stoney

There Are No Wasted Journeys

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Collage and Acrylic Paint

Collage and Acrylic Paint by Kimberly Stoney

Size: 17” x 22”

About Kimberly Stoney
I create mixed media abstract paintings and collages. My past work as a sculptor and ceramicist informs my working process. I use paint and drawing materials to make layers; layers that create, cover and reveal impressions at the edge of verbal expression. My collaged paintings are inspired by the mundane moments in my daily life: folding laundry, chauffeuring a child, walking in the woods. I love to tear, fold and crumple thin pieces of paint stained papers and layer them in unexpected compositions, punctuated with active mark-making. I hope to create places for the viewer’s eye to wander as if they were on a vacation and never left home.

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