Opposites Attract
Margo Ezekiel

Opposites Attract

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What started as a quiet, meditative piece, turned into a piece full of energy and movement. "Opposites Attract" prompts contradictions to live in harmony.

Collage over Gel Plate Print on Paper by Margo Ezekiel

Size: 20x16

About Margo Ezekiel
I’ve spent my life balancing technology and art. As a Computer Science major, I was the only one carrying a portfolio into class. Over the past 40 years, technology won out as I pursued a career as a User Interface Designer. The balance tipped in 2021, when I found my rhythm and dedicated myself to making art. Printing and collage became my keys to exploring color, shape, texture and composition. I’m loving using my hands again, and letting each piece reveal itself through the process.

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