The Seed of an Idea
Rena Shear

The Seed of an Idea

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In this collage, I have abstracted what my interpretation of the birth of an idea would look like.

Acrylic by Rena Shear

Size: 19x22

About Rena Shear
I have been painting for over 35 years, starting with watercolor, and switching to acrylics after 10 years until the present day. Color is my main inspiration and motivation in art: it’s part of my emotional language. To pay homage to all of my sources of inspiration (whether it’s music, nature, or emotion), it feels only fitting to show my gratitude by infusing my work through texture, gesture, and color relationships with the energy and spirit that have touched me so deeply. My preference for abstraction stems from the desire to let go of a recognizable image in return for a sensory or emotional experience where the viewer can personalize it by imagining further.

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