Sentinels of Spring
Jodi Marshall

Sentinels of Spring

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The materials used in this piece may have stood, at one time, just as the trees depicted in this piece. It’s as though these boards have been given yet another life, a rebirth, just as these trees in the picture will be given their rebirth through the process of spring. You can practically see the vibration of energy in the trunks as spring is just around the corner. Carving into the wood to create the trunks provides a representation of depth and shadow as well as provides a wonderful natural texture to give the impression of bark. The true, untouched texture of the aged boards is highlighted to create the sense of a snowy wooded area in the distance and the smooth, sanded portion provides the undulation of newly fallen snow.

Mixed Media on Reclaimed Barn Wood by Jodi Marshall

Size: 32x24

About Jodi Marshall
Jodi graduated from Murray State University with a BFA in graphic design and sculpture and a BA in Art Education. she then studied Art Therapy at the University of Louisville and received her MA. After practicing therapy for several years, she returned to her studio background to focus on her own art production. In doing so, she found a new joy using designs and colors to highlight the textures of reclaimed woods.

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