Sunflowers and Tea
Judi Pinkham

Sunflowers and Tea

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Some favorite things in this still life including one of my great grandma's tea cups.

Acrylic on Wood Panel by Judi Pinkham

Size: 9x12

About Judi Pinkham
I was born in Massachusetts and I still live there, but my family roots and sensibilities are firmly planted in the rocky soil of the Maine coast. For as long as I can remember, I have been immersed in drawing, painting, crafts, and devouring all the paper I can get my hands on. While attending art school, I explored every medium in my various studio courses, but painting was then and continues to be my favorite. The satisfaction of pushing the thick paint around and mixing so many subtle, beautiful colors is sublime. After a long career in creative book design, I’m delighted to be showing up at the easel every day. Being a full-time artist was my childhood dream; at last, I’m able to make it my reality. My art celebrates the intersection of painting and design with graphic patterns and lively brushwork. When I’m not painting, I can be found digging in my garden or hiking as many wild and beautiful places as I can.

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