Trilobite Quad
Walter Perlman

Trilobite Quad

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I was looking for something very unique and different to paint. After much research I came up with the trilobite. I first began with just one trilobite and then it evolved into 4 ones of different sizes. I made these trilobites forming a swimming quad of them.

Acrylic Painting by Walter Perlman

Size: 13x17

About Walter Perlman
I have backgrounds in drawing, sculpture, pottery, photography, glass blowing and stained glass. I combine all my backgrounds visually in my mind when I make designs. I am newer to painting. I took a class in oil painting many years ago. I recently decided to take up acrylic painting. I first research the subject I want to design. Then I draw it out and lay it out on the canvas in pencil. Then I decide on the background and main image colors. Then I gradually pull it all together. I am open to design and color changes along the way.

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