Reach for the Light
Linda DeStefano Brown

Reach for the Light

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Tulips symbolize perfection and harmony. They seek out strength from the light that helps them grow and endure. This image is printed on archival textured matte paper, framed in a thin metal frame under non-glare acrylic.

Photography by Linda DeStefano Brown

Size: 19x14

About Linda DeStefano Brown
Spring is the time when each day brings more light than darkness. It is the season of creative energy and natural beauty expressed through the colors that come forth after the season of black and white. Once again, the cycle of life begins when the earth awakens with new hope and the promise of new beginnings. Walking through a springtime forest or along a winding river becomes a journey of inner growth where you develop a sense of peace and clarity of mind. You are able to look forward with only the best of your memories. My images here present enchanting expressions of the love and enduring life experienced during this period of rebirth.

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