Tonight, So Bright (F)
Rena Shear

Tonight, So Bright (F)

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This painting is from a real sunset on the way home from Cape Cod, and the inspiration for how to paint it came from a Smashing Pumpkins song "Tonight, Tonight". Intensity is what went into this framed piece.

Acrylic by Rena Shear

Size: 16x19

About Rena Shear
I'm an abstract painter and I used acrylic paint and a mix of other water based media. I started in watercolor working with Marjorie Glick, then after 15 years I switched to acrylic paint. My teacher for this period was Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern. I joined a group of artists in her class that stuck together for many years until her passing in 2020. We continue to meet for critiques and have enough of Elizabeth's wisdom ingrained in our souls to support each other through our process.

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