Hear Their Cries
Judith Stein

Hear Their Cries

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The collage, Hear Their Cries, is a response to the needs of Afghan and Ukranian refugees.

Collage on cradled wood panel by Judith Stein

Size: 12x12

About Judith Stein
Judith Stein is an abstract and semi-abstract mixed media artist who resides in Needham, MA. The oil and cold wax paintings and collages submitted for the June Salon highlight the range of feelings she has experienced during this tumultuous time in our country’s social and political landscape. Looking up reflects her ongoing hope that somehow the light will move us in a positive direction. Windswept is a triptych that highlights nature’s resilience even in the midst of a storm and is symbolic of her hope that our society can withstand the challenges it is facing now. Circles of Life is a reminder that we do have the capacity to persevere and continue to grow and move forward. The collages, Hear Their Cries and Hidden Messages from the Past, are responses to the needs of Afghan and Ukrainian refugees.

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