MarkingLives #3
Deborah Drummond

MarkingLives #3

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This monoprint and others were created for a project started by Concord artist Liz Awalt to commemorate lives lost to Covid19 which entailed making 1,000 marks in the artwork. This pushed me to consider what my marks would be, and how I would approach it. I thought about the significance of connections of family, friends - those known to us and not.

I used a mono printing process applying layers upon layers of paint, and each added layer and mark affects the ones above and below creating a richly textured surface. Each layer affects the ones above and below much like the lives lived or lost, stranger or friend.

Monoprint - Archival matt by Deborah Drummond

Size: 16 x 16 framed

About Deborah Drummond
Deborah Drummond is a Boston area artist who for many years practiced as a professional freelance illustrator /designer and photographer. She returned to painting non-objective abstraction working in water-based media (acrylic, gouache and watercolor), collage and printmaking and has begun sharing her experience and techniques.

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