A Season of New Beginnings
Julia Purdy

A Season of New Beginnings

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Spring is often thought of a time of renewal and new beginnings.

Acrylic on Canvas by Julia Purdy

Size: 40x30

About Julia Purdy
American artist Julia Purdy is an intuitive abstract painter based in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Purdy’s paintings are rooted in intuition. Very much like a visionary, she draws her inspiration from images, and compositions that she experiences and feels well before engaging with the canvas.  Her poetic and metaphysical approach to painting results in a gestural process that is mainly a translation of her pre-imagined finished work.  Working predominantly in acrylic, Purdy's expressive use of color leads her to paint with bold, vibrant colors and multiple layers to convey emotional intensity as well as multiple levels of meaning. Her labor intensive and choreographed process fluctuates from calming repetition and continuity to fragmented emotional strokes, leading to compositions that are both intense and calming.  While working from a deeply personal yet universal narrative of feelings, Purdy is also influenced by contemporary and historical issues that construct and challenge our society.  Her body of work often incorporates symbols and hidden meanings and encourages the viewer to connect to the inner-self on a personal and global level.

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