Water Lilies and Green Frogs
Lisa Nelson

Water Lilies and Green Frogs

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With each spring, my darkened frog pond blossoms with an abundance of verdant lily pads and golden water lilies. And hidden among this aquatic forest is a blossoming of adorable green frogs, who bring a chaotic delight to the no longer dark and gloomy pond.

Watercolor and Colored Pencils by Lisa Nelson

Size: 16 x 13

About Lisa Nelson
I love maps. I have always been inexplicably drawn to them. I love what they say about a place, its history, and how it fits into our worldview. I love how they unlock the secrets to navigating our way through our world as well as finding our place within it. To understand the map of a thing is to understand that thing. My work explores this through the creation of each map while also considering what makes each uniquely beautiful. There is so much in our world that is fleeting and my work strives to capture what I can before it fades from our view. I do this by meticulously studying each subject and drawing and redrawing it until I find what is distinctive about it. I look for the eloquence in a meandering riverway or a chaotic highway. I look for how the map can be abstracted until one is lost in the details of it and it no longer resembles a chart but more a feeling of a place. Once I find what I want my painting to focus on, I transform it into bright paint pigments transmuted by water with brushes until it becomes something uniquely mine.

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