Visi TIlak


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Life is cyclical. Evolution, Birth, Energy and Renewal, this is a pattern with all earthly species. A cycle of discovery, circumspection and wisdom.

Framed Multimedia on paper with ink, gold, and natural home made colors by Visi TIlak

Size: 11 x 15 times 2 (pair)

About Visi TIlak
Visi R. Tilak (she/her) creates art using watercolors, inks, acrylics, pastels, mixed media, mosaics, and clay. Her pastels and mosaics have been displayed in galleries and exhibitions. Her pottery and mosaic pieces have also been selected for display at juried art shows and have won honorable mention. She is currently working on New Media art and works that integrate the new with the old. She believes in being an eternal student… Through her art she hopes to convey the vastness of creation. The world as we see it changes, grows and morphs in many ways. Her art tries to mimic this transformation. Change in form and shape; the marriage of culture and tradition, and the growth of new thought are what her art try to personify. Her art work has been auctioned for charities such as the American Cancer Society, the YMCA and other charitable organizations. She has been a board member of the Local Cultural Council funded by the MCC for the last 6 years. She believes in the power of art bringing communities together, especially during troubled times and is an active participant in several public art projects and community arts and culture celebrations.

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