Benagil Caves - Portugal
Jean-Pierre Ducondi

Benagil Caves - Portugal

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Beautiful caves of Benagil near Tagira, Portugal

Out of the dozens of grottos that populate Portugal’s southern coastline, there’s one that stands out, the Benagil Caves.

Just like any other sea cave in the Algarve region, this one was shaped by the pounding Atlantic waves. Yet, unlike other grottos, the Benagil cave bathes in light thanks to a natural skylight.

Erosion has not only hit the cave at the base of the cliff, but erosion has also taken place at the top where rainfall has caused the softer segments of limestone to erode and collapse. This beautifully shaped skylight, often referred to as “the eye”, allows the sunlight to flood inside. 

Photograph by Jean-Pierre Ducondi

Size: 23x29 (Framed)

About Jean-Pierre Ducondi
Jean-Pierre Ducondi is a native Frenchman living in Massachusetts, New England. Growing up in a small traditional town in Normandy France, his passion for painting and photography was ignited at a young age. Through his work he expresses his fascination and romance with light, nature and life. His artwork mainly documents the French country side as well as New England where he lives now. You can regularly see his work at The W Gallery in Wayland, MA (

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