Take These Broken Wings
Connor S. Thompson

Take These Broken Wings

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The broken wings of this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail will not heal. While they can no longer fly, they can still do important work as pollinators, starting their new beginning in life.

Photo by Connor S. Thompson

Size: 16x12

About Connor S. Thompson
Artist Statement I am a young adult on the autism spectrum exploring the world of photography. I grew up in Framingham, MA and currently attend an arts and music-focused day program in South Hadley, MA where I study music and photography, while working to strengthen my vocational and independent living skills. My mission is to showcase the abilities of those with autism and intellectual disabilities. I enjoy looking through my "spectrum inspired" lens and capturing the beauty of nature and life all around us. Being outdoors makes me feel relaxed and happy. I also sing and play ukulele and keyboards with my band and tour, record and perform with Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism Spectrum of Sound choir.

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