US Elevation Map Lesbian Pride - Eminence
Sorin Voicu

US Elevation Map Lesbian Pride - Eminence

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Maps are beautiful and have a place in every home, not just as purely informational but also as an art form that combines art and science. Sorin believes that maps have the power to connect us, unite and cherish our values and diversity. The Maps collection lets you explore the Contiguous United States, its rich and beautiful terrain, and its unique characteristics, as depicted in the relief map’s detail. Using Digital Elevation Data Sorin enhanced the altitudes of the terrain’s features and meticulously applied shaded relief to give the appearance of 3D. The result provides endless opportunities to explore the United States' captivating landscape. Artwork features: Semi-glossy print on premium luster photo paper (not a 3D raised relief), offering a highly saturated look and resistance to fingerprints.

Digital Art by Sorin Voicu

Size: 12x18

About Sorin Voicu
Coming from a background in architecture and design from University of Rome "Facoltà di Architettura Valle Giulia". Sorin’s work has been featured in multiple design publications, and he has shared his expertise in professional workshops across Italy and Spain. Sorin's digital work is inspired by his obsession with technology and the way it does, and will continue to, shape our world. The work explores the intersection between science and art, and between our analytical and creative abilities. He uses real world mathematical data and 2D and 3D software, to add a new creative dimension, hopefully revealing the beauty behind numbers. Sorin is a digital artist with over a decade of experience in the film, media and entertainment industries. Has contributed to award-winning films, commercials, and interactive museum exhibitions that combine design, typography, animation, live action and visual effects for screens and clients of all sizes.

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