Robynn Stewart


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This portrait represents the dignity and respect deserving of all human beings

Oil on Canvas by Robynn Stewart

Size: 15x12 framed

About Robynn Stewart
I began painting at the age of 2 and continued until age 15. After a long career as a professional singer, the "Call of the Canvas" was heard loud and clear, so I listened and began painting again in 2016 with a vengeance, making up for lost time!

My collection of works now encompasses several categories: "People Portraits", "Feathers and Wings", "Furry Friends", the "Galactic Collection" and the "Mayan/Aztec" group.

Since I am largely self-taught, I wish to give credit to my ancestors for bringing me
"full circle": my Great Grandfather Aaron Draper Shattuck, N.A. (White Mountain School 1800's), and my Great Uncle Samuel Colman (Hudson River School 1800's).

With these "Portraits of the Universe" it is my wish to bring enjoyment, awareness and
appreciation for the beauty and mystery that surrounds us all. I am most grateful for
the gift I have received and the opportunity to share it with others.

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