Wishing I Were There Not Here
Judith Stein

Wishing I Were There Not Here

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This mixed media piece incorporates photos of Judith's parents, snippets of letters, and maps reflecting their love, hopes, dreams and struggles during WWII.

Mixed Media (photos, maps, tissue, oil pastel, oil paint and cold wax medium) by Judith Stein

Size: 16x16

About Judith Stein
Judith Stein is an abstract and semi-abstract mixed media artist who resides in Needham, MA. The oil and cold wax paintings and collages submitted for the April Salon are part of a series that is a tribute to her parents and incorporates text from her father’s love letters to her mom when he was fighting overseas during WWII. These works highlight the sharp contrast between the horrors of war that her father was experiencing and the love he expressed in his letters as well as the hope, courage and resilience that helped him survive.

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