Low Clouds at the Pond
Lola Chaisson

Low Clouds at the Pond

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This is a "drive by" painting. Where in the midst of running errands a scene calls out "Paint me!" so I pull over or circle back and hope the light stays just right until my mental notes and cell phone click capture enough to work from back home. i love lifting fog.

acrylic on canvas by Lola Chaisson

Size: 12x24

About Lola Chaisson
Educated as an Astronomy major at Wellesley College, I was fortunate to have James Rayen as a drawing and painting professor while I was there. Once my children moved on into the world and I quit my day job, I have been able to focus more on my art work. For the most part I work in acrylics; I love everything about them except their hard to spell name. In summer I head north along the coast and paint the view from my kayak. My work has been shown at the Concord Art Association, Arts Wayland and Newburyport Art Association where I am a member.

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