Circulating Owls
Jodi Marshall

Circulating Owls

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Circulating Owls is a fun play of colors and changing textures on a variety of reclaimed barn wood; some more rotten than others. The owls are in separate compartments yet interacting together, almost like magic cards circulating in the air. The “circulating” in the title is also references the movement and growth of the population of Barred owls in the Massachusetts area.

Mixed Media on Reclaimed Barn Wood by Jodi Marshall

Size: 30x22

About Jodi Marshall
Jodi graduated from Murray State University with a BFA in graphic design and sculpture and a BA in Art Education. she then studied Art Therapy at the University of Louisville and received her MA. After practicing therapy for several years, she returned to her studio background to focus on her own art production. In doing so, she found a new joy using designs and colors to highlight the textures of reclaimed woods.

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