Indian Folk Art - Fall 2024

Date: 6 Mondays beginning on 9/16, skipping 10/14 for Columbus Day (last class 10/28)

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm 

Cost: $185

Max: 10 Students
Min: 4 Students

Location: Youth Room First Parish

Instructor: Chaitrali Kate-Yadav

Being culturally diverse and distinct, India has many folk art forms from different regions.

This class will introduce you to some of these ancient and traditional folk art forms of India. We will introduce the popular Madhubani and Gond Art forms. These folk art forms are known for their striking geometric patterns, floral designs and use of bright vivid colors.

You will learn patterns and motifs of each folk art form and create and take home a beautiful painting of Madhubani Art, Gond Art.


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    Chaitrali, is a passionate artist and educator. She has a Masters degree in Computer Science and teaches Mathematics at the Russian School of Math. She also teaches art to kids and adults and conducts workshops of Indian Folk painting.

    She has also honed her skills in making jewelry, crocheting and making decorative artifacts.

    Chaitrali is an artist and a designer at Creations-handmade art and jewelry and has been exhibiting at local galleries and selling her work online and at art shows. 

    You can browse her work at;


    • Palette ( U.S. Art Supply 9.5" x 13.8" Clear Oval-Shaped Acrylic Painting Palette -

    Transparent Plastic Artist Paint Color Mixing Tray - Non-Stick, Easy Clean | Michaels)

    • Container for Water
    • Paper Towel
    • Fine tip black Sharpie
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