In Depth Block Printing Class With Bryan Clocker

Date: April 4th to May 9th (6 week course)
Time: Tuesdays 6-8pm

Cost: 380

Max: 6 Students
Min: 3 Students

First Parish in Wayland

225 Boston Post Road, Wayland MA
Youth Room

Instructor: Bryan Clocker

This is a 6 week course of an in depth learning about block printing. This course will start out with the basic techniques and gradually build to more advanced block printing techniques. In this course you will learn the basics of the multi-step process of producing a print and carving from a linoleum block. The workshop covers a basic history of block printing, several techniques on printing, design and color theory, and a walk through guide of each step of the process. Over the 6 weeks this course will offer 4 projects, and by the end you will have multiple printed linoleum blocks completed!

A week by week break down of what you will be learning:

  • Week 1- Introduction to block printing, positive and negative exercise.
  • Week 2- Texture Quilt. Learning about mark marking and design.
  • Week 3- Tile Block Print on colored paper. Taking what we learned and adding color and design to the print.
  • Week 4- Make your own block print. Taking all the knowledge and putting into your own block.
  • Week 5- Carving your block and test printing block.
  • Week 6- Printing your block and adding color.


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