Artist of the Month - Michelle Lander Feinberg

My colorful paintings are mostly lyrical or geometric abstraction. Inspired by the beauty and symbolic nature of birds, I often include them and other animals in my artwork. I choose bright colors which I find uplift the mood for myself and for those who see my artwork.

Feeling liberated by the free-flowing delivery of lines, I enjoy allowing the composition to pour out from me. The process of its creation allows me to express myself intuitively in a nonconforming manner, much differently than in the other facets of my life. 


To get to know Michelle we asked her a few questions about her art

 What is Art for you?

Art is a personal expression by the artist which, when shared, is an offer of connection with others. Abstract art invites the mind to see something different each time you experience it, bringing a never-ending interest in a singular piece.

Birds and FishTwo

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on a few different pieces of colorful, lyrical abstraction. One of these is primarily pink and green, the colors of one of the rooms in Versailles.


What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?

I was raised in Framingham, and have lived in Needham for the last 20 years. My parents have lived in Wayland for 25 years. In addition to painting, I am a retired lawyer, author of the Cooper the Dog children's book series, and mother of five wonderful children. Although I am not inherently brave, I have donated a kidney and walked on fire. I began painting daily as a distraction from my grief from losing my brother. I instead found a deeper connection with him through creating my art while listening to classic rock, the music for which he and I shared a passion.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I often find inspiration in nature and in places I visit. Most recently, a trip to Versailles inspired the colors of a painting on which I am currently working.

What is your creative process?

At times I envision what I am about to create, and sometimes draw a simple sketch on a piece of paper. Other times I have only a general idea of shapes and colors. In every instance, I allow my intuition to guide me in the process.

By the Reef

Did your style change over the years? In which way?

My style of painting has evolved over the years. For a long time I enjoyed painting landscapes, mostly on ceramics. I started to experiment with fluid art, and for a while continued mostly with paint pouring. I feel most connected, however, to my current style of lyrical and geometric abstraction.


What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?

I'd say the most challenging part in creating my art is knowing when to be finished with a painting.

Thank you Michelle!

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