Artist of the Month - Linda DeStefano Brown

I grew up in Hudson, Massachusetts, moved to Berkeley California for a year, then Chicago for a year, settling in Ann Arbor, Michigan for about four decades before returning to New England. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University. During my Fine Art studies, I began my journey with a camera enjoying the solitude of my darkroom while processing black and white film using a Nikon F camera. Many hours were spent in the darkroom I had set up in my basement. Today I shoot digitally, processing and printing my own images. My equipment includes Nikon cameras and lenses, a teleconverter, a circular polarizer and numerous other filters. I use a tripod for those images that require a long exposure, but I usually shoot handheld. I print using an Epson printer. My preferred paper is textured matte, especially Epson’s cold- and hot-pressed matte papers. I process images using Lightroom, Photoshop, ON1, and Topaz. Through my photography, I search for hidden meanings beyond the visual world surrounding us, creating images that transform the ordinary into a visual journey of familiar feelings, thoughts, fantasies, and memories. Some images are very sharp and detailed while others are very much influenced by Impressionism’s interplay of light to present a poetic and ethereal feel. A few years ago, I began writing poems which I have incorporated into my photography. I feel there is a distinct connection between my images and the imagery of poetry. Because of the fluidity of time and the changing experiences we have, my images can mean different things at different times. For me, time has become an idea that past, present and future are commingled into a single cerebral space. One spacial time cannot exist alone and thereby influences the others. Thoughts of the past along with anticipations of the future are ever present in our current existence. My work has been displayed at 6 Bridges Gallery, Maynard; ArtSpace, Maynard; ArtsWayland, Wayland; Boston Post Road Art Center, Marlborough; Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery, Boston; Hudson Town Hall, Hudson; Look Optical, Maynard; Marlborough Public Library, Marlborough; MetroWest Chamber, Framingham; Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary Art Center, Sharon; Nancy’s Airfield Cafe, Stow; Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth; and the Sprinkler Factory, Worcester. Publications include Harpers Magazine; Boston Voyager: Inspiring Local Women; Nature Photographer Magazine; and Best of Photography. I have self-published several books of my work and have issued numerous calendars. I am a member of Assabet Valley Camera Club; Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery; Plymouth Center for the Arts; and Hopkinton Center for the Arts. I am a former member of 6 Bridges Gallery and the River’s Edge Arts Alliance.



To get to know Linda, we asked her a few questions about her art

What is Art for you?

Art is a way to communicate with others, to express feelings that are often deep within us but rarely openly expressed. It is a way to have others reflect on their own world and to see how interconnected we are.


What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on two books of my poems and images. I recently had a solo show at 6 Bridges Gallery where I shared many of my poems and the images that express the feelings revealed in the poetry.


What is your creative process?

When I am out with my camera, I photograph anything that grabs my interest, usually during walks in forests and along rivers. Once I am back at the computer, I create an image using layers and textures to further emphasize an ethereal feel to elicit those deeply held emotions within us. I want to create something that is not seen with your eyes but rather felt by something from your memories.


What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?

The most challenging part of creating my artwork is allowing those emotions to be revealed, to open my most protected parts of myself.

Thank you Linda!