Artist of the Month -Bryan Clocker

My name is Bryan Clocker and I am a printmaker and illustrator. I take my passion for nature and wildlife and turn it into captivating pieces of art. I mostly work in the block printing process, where I carve from linoleum or wood to get the relief of the plate. I then go and paint on top of the print with watercolor.


To get to know Brian, we asked him a few questions about his art

What is Art for you?

Art for me is a reflection of me and my passion. Art is all about communication through visuals. I always want to capture the audience and tell a story with my art and bring them into the world I created. My art has a nature theme. I am a big activist for the climate and wildlife protection. I want people to recognize and have passion for our world and take steps to keep a better home for all living things.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on exploring mono printing and dry point prints. I recently acquired a little print making press and its allowing me to try new varieties of printmaking. It’s been nice to change things up and try a new things.


What’s your background? What is the experience that has influenced your work the most?

I can remember always doing some type of art even from a little kid.The only thing I wanted to be growing up was an artist, or superman, but realizing that I had no super human powers art was the way to go. I continued studying art through school and college graduating with a BFA in printmaking and BA in graphic design in 2016. Since graduating I have become a full time artist, displaying and selling my art across the country.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from being in nature. I especially love birds! My grandparents are avid birders and enjoy going out looking for birds with their binoculars. They passed down their love of birds to me and I have enjoyed learning about birds, migrations, setting up my bird feeders and watching them come through!

What is your creative process?

What I enjoy most about printmaking is all the steps involved to make a final piece. I mainly do block prints and to make a print, I first start with a sketch. I spend a lot of time sketching and drawing out a composition for the print. I use markers and pens to emulate a carving. Once the sketch is done and I get my drawing transferred onto my block, I begin the long process of carving. When carving a block print you carve out all the negative space and leave behind what you want to be printed. This creates a raised surface on the block that allows you to roll ink on the block and create a print. I print all my blocks by hand. My final step is to go back and paint with watercolor over my print. This makes each print its own unique piece of art. Making one print can take weeks or even months. Working through so many steps keeps me from getting burned out and allows me to enjoy each stage of creating a piece of art.


Did your style change over the years? In which way?

My style has definitely developed over the years. I feel like I am a lot more confident in my drawing and not afraid to be bold. In the block carving process you are carving out all the negative space in the block and leaving what you want printed. So I have adapted to drawing in this style over time and lots of practice.


What is the most challenging part about creating your artworks?

The Most challenging thing about creating my art is that you never really know how a print will turn out until you print. You put in a lot of time into each print, Some prints I could be working on for a month or more and yet I never really know how it will turn out until I print it. It’s always a big relief revealing the first print and seeing all the hard work has paid off.

 Thank you Bryan!