Distant Glow
Linda DeStefano Brown

Distant Glow

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A glow shines on an abandoned house calling to mind the warmth that once was a part of this home. The image is printed on heavy textured matte paper, double matted, non-glare acrylic and a thin black metal frame. It is signed at the front lower right corner.

photography by Linda DeStefano Brown

Size: 25x18

About Linda DeStefano Brown
My images are ‘about’ something, rather than ‘of’ something. I search for hidden meanings beyond the visual reality of the world surrounding us, creating images that transform the ordinary into a visual journey that unleashes familiar feelings, thoughts, fantasies, and memories. They go beyond the reality we see with our eyes, presenting alternative ways of seeing and thinking about the complex existence we share. The photographer Minor White has said that we photograph not just what is before the camera, but we photograph “what else it is”. This idea is one of my basic concepts in creating images. Because of the fluidity of time and the changing experiences we have, they can mean different things at different times. For me, time has become an idea that past, present and future are one in a single cerebral space. One spacial time cannot exist without the others. Each is dependent upon and in turn influences the other. Thoughts of the past along with anticipations of the future are ever present in our current existence. My images are strongly influenced by the Impressionist movement of the late 1800s, especially the works of Monet and Renoir. Like the Impressionists, I am concerned with the interplay of light. There is a sense of perception and depth as one moves through the image. Emphasis is placed on reflections and the glow and absence of light to produce an ethereal presence.

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