Farmers' Daughters
Kaffee Kang

Farmers' Daughters

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This painting is part of a recent series, exploring my Chinese immigrant heritage.

Oil on Canvas by Kaffee Kang

Size: 20x16

About Kaffee Kang
Red hair and green eyes, Gen-X or Baby Boomer, cool or nerdy - these are all identifiers that describe who we are and sometimes our place in a larger group. Some are more useful and accurate than others. Some we are born with and others are assigned to us. Some we are proud of and others we are eager to shed. Much of my work explores issues related to identity, utilizing visual narrative. Through color and imagery, my paintings give voice to recurrent themes of alienation and belonging, such as gender roles, minority status, the immigrant mentality, the political divide, aging, and body image. Recently, my work has focused on the figure or multiple figures in a narrative context.

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