Colors of Spring
Amy Marks

Colors of Spring

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This mixed media mosaic features green, purple and white mosaic tesserae including pearls, amethyst chips and slices, beads, and assorted glass tiles.

Mixed Media Mosaic by Amy Marks

Size: 12x17

About Amy Marks
I have been creating mixed media mosaics for 15 years and I am dedicated to continually exploring innovative ways to seamlessly integrate both traditional and unconventional materials into my mosaic projects. Most recently I’ve been experimenting with combining glass and layered beads over paint, collage and stencils. I use a rich color palette and a variety of materials —polymer clay and glass tiles, stained glass, pottery, minerals, millefiori, beads, and jewelry—to create functional and decorative mixed media mosaics that are colorful and highly tactile. I have been juried into exhibitions and teach I teach mosaic workshops. In addition, I served as the founding President of the New England Mosaic Society (NEMS). Contact me at Website: Instagram: @amyloumarks Facebook:

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