Blue Bird in the Meadow
Michelle Lander Feinberg

Blue Bird in the Meadow

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A blue bird rests peacefully in the meadow.

Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas by Michelle Lander Feinberg

Size: 36x36

About Michelle Lander Feinberg
Michelle Lander Feinberg lives in Needham and is an artist, attorney, children’s book author, and mother of five. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries, restaurants, hospitals, and offices. Her abstract paintings are mostly lyrical or geometric abstraction. Inspired by the beauty of animals, she often find them hidden within her artwork. She chooses bright colors to uplift the mood for herself and for those who see her artwork. Feeling liberated by the free-flowing delivery of lines, Michelle enjoys allowing the composition to pour out from her intuitively. The process of its creation allows her to express herself in a nonconforming manner, much differently than in the other facets of her life.

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