Blueberry Fantasy
Kristine Kamikawa

Blueberry Fantasy

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A moody, yet warm interpretation of blueberry branches in a vase

Oil by Kristine Kamikawa

Size: 40x30

About Kristine Kamikawa
I have always been drawn to the beauty in the world. As a child, I remember being in awe of the ballerinas on stage. I wanted to do that! I wanted to make beautiful shapes and pictures...moments on stage. This started my 30 plus years of dance training. I also found the need to create beauty outside of dance. I loved my art classes and even entered some local competitions. This was me. I found my passion. I ended up going to college for art and graphic design. I have worked for almost 30 years as a graphic designer. I love it, but I had this longing to do more…to share more. I checked out a local painting class, one thing led to another…and the rest is history. Through painting, I get to capture that moment of beauty I see and share it with an audience. I can save that fleeting moment. I can pull you into a world you may not have noticed. Just like dance, I get to express myself, tell a story and create something beautiful. My experience as a graphic designer brings a sense of design to my work. I paint from photos or still life. But I frame or modify the object to create a more graphic feel. Inspiration can come from the fascinating or mundane, but I always celebrate the details.

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