Abstract Cloud Study 3
Elana Shorey

Abstract Cloud Study 3

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Layers of hot pink abstracted cloud forms

Acrylic paint, acrylic medium, hot glue and nail polish on canvas by Elana Shorey

Size: 11x14

About Elana Shorey
I have been making art my whole life, but started to mainly focus on painting in college. When I was introduced to abstraction, something just clicked. During my sophomore year at Maine College of Art, I became interested in painting clouds and started to play with abstraction, cloudscapes and line. I experimented with performance art and body movements while painting as my work got more and more abstract and eventually I moved away from two dimensional pieces. Over the years since graduating college, abstract painting and cloud work has become my focus again. I enjoy exploring clouds through an abstract lens and with different mediums like drawing and printmaking, as well as painting. My work often has the combination of organic and geometric forms, heaviness and weightlessness. Texture is also very important to me and I use varying materials and acrylic mediums to play with that.

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