Arabian Palace Design
Clare Daniels

Arabian Palace Design

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Originally created in 1978.

Markers and Paints on Paper. Recreated on Canvas. by Clare Daniels

Size: 16x20

About Clare Daniels
Clare Daniels was born in Boston, MA, and moved to Natick with her parents when she was 8 years old. Clare started painting when she was a senior in high school and created her first piece of art on paper with a black marker, pencil and a ruler, called "Egyptian Design". Her teacher wanted to keep it hanging up for months on the wall in the classroom. From that point on, Clare had started to design more and more pieces over the next 20 years, all without going to any art schools or classes for art. Clare's artwork is described as abstract, intricate patterns and full of vivid colors. A few of her pieces, were done in Grumbarcher Paints, with brushes and some with watercolor. There were some mixed in with markers, paints and crayons. Clare's technique was done very methodically, and putting her ideas directly to the paper without and planned thoughts of design.

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