Judi Pinkham


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Sunflowers and rose in a purple dotted vase.

Acrylic on Wood Cradle Panel by Judi Pinkham

Size: 8x8

About Judi Pinkham
A Massachusetts and Maine native, I earned a BFA and an Art Teaching degree from Massachusetts College of Art. After graduating I briefly taught art at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. school in Cambridge MA. I then enjoyed a long career as a creative design manager for an education company. Now, I’m back to my first love– making fine art as a full-time painter. My recent paintings were inspired by a 30 day challenge to create a quick painting everyday and I am now thoroughly in love with making small daily paintings. The immediacy of completing a painting in one sitting is very satisfying and has strengthened my painting and observational skills. I paint from photos and am now setting up my own still life arrangements using flowers, fun vessels, and patterned surroundings. Rapid painting helps me get out of my head, and really look with fresh eyes. I’m inspired by the challenge of interpreting the basic geometric forms of flowers with dramatic lighting, bold color, and energetic brushstrokes. I seek to bring the viewer joy and an appreciation for the beauty of simple things.

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